Transcription Services

We provide transcription services from most audio formats for most of the spoken languages. Our transcribers are professionals chosen for their linguistic skills and their expertise in specialized subject areas.

Providing transcriptions of an audio/video in a different language has two key stages. Firstly one of our native speaking linguists watches or listens to the recording and converts the words contained in the source file into written form. After thorough examination, if required, the text can then be translated into the target language by one of our professional mother-tongue translators.

Our transcription services specializations include the following:

  • Business Transcriptions (meetings, seminars, conferences, lectures)
  • Market Research (focus groups, interviews, meetings)
  • Interview Transcriptions (one-on-one and multi-speaker)
  • Academic Transcription services (lectures, seminars, conferences, interviews)
  • Legal Transcriptions (depositions, hearings)
  • Medical Transcription services

We can also work from the following file formats:

  • Digital audio files - wav, dss, mp3, wma
  • Mini discs, videos, cassette, CDs, podcasts and DVDs
  • Streaming video and media files
  • And many more...

Language Connect render spoken content in the most reliable manner for our clients, including every word spoken and retaining as much detail as possible to attain the highest standards of accuracy

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